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Grow Your Business From The Inside Out

Enabling organizations to achieve their goals and develop a culture where everyone thrives!

Where are you stuck?

  • Do you set your vision and strategic goals, but struggle to make measurable progress throughout the year? 

  • Do you have a mile long list of "critical priorities" that will help move your business forward with no time or energy to work on them?  

  • Do you want to increase revenue and customer satisfaction?

Let's turn your strategy into action by:

  • Uncovering the root cause of challenges that block your progress.

  • Facilitating strategy development and goal alignment to hold your team accountable.

  • Providing a toolkit and actionable steps to allow you to make continued progress.

  • Implementing practical change and team development solutions to increase productivity and retention.

Get Started On Your Journey To Success

Book A Complimentary Exploratory Call

Learn how the Passion to Profit offerings can support your business.

Get Your Custom Plan

A customized offering for you based on the 4 core modules that best meet your needs.

Dive Into Your Discovery Session

Guides questions to allow you to share your passions, aspirations, and challenges. 

See Tangible Results

By implementing simple techniques in small iterations you will see positive results.

The Passion To Profit Approach

Fueled by my passion and commitment to helping others grow in a balanced manner, I developed Passion to Profit - a consulting approach dedicated to empowering people to achieve business success while keeping well-being at the core of their strategy. 

I take a practical approach that provides clear and actionable steps for those I work with to make meaningful progress. Listening and learning about your business enables me to customize workshops and consulting sessions for you! Let's work together to help you solve your greatest challenges, develop a strategy that you can achieve, and infuse mindfulness and compassion into your interactions.


What Clients Say

"Kaitlin is a true professional who led us efficiently and effectively through a series of workshops, breaking down the barrier between business and emotions. Her coordinated approach helped our executive team understand each other better, significantly improving our communication. We now communicate more effectively, leading to improvements in strategic planning, the establishment of clear expectations, and diligent follow-through on action items.  Embracing emotions and working with the collective mindset of the team has positively impacted how we interact, making a substantial difference in our regular communication."

Mike,  Business Owner

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