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Complimentary Toolkits For Each Core Module

Focus And Prioritize Toolkit

Activate Your Vision


Lead With Compassion Toolkit

Continuously Innovate Toolkit

Additional Checklists and Guides

Business Value Blueprint And Checklist

Strategy Development Guide

Sustaining Change Checklist

Tips To Encourage In Office Collaboration

Strategy Activation Checklist

Customer Empathy Worksheet

Change Barrier Point Assessment

15 Minute Retrospective Template

Lookback And Learn Team Activity

The Mindful Path to Self Compassion

By Chris Germer

Learn More

Change By Design

By Chris Germer

Learn More

The Compassion Book

By Chris Germer

Learn More

Business Made Simple

By Donald Miller

Learn More

Let's Talk

Mudita Nisker & Dan Clurman

The Portfolio Life

Christina Wallace

Mindful Communication

Oren Jay Sofer

Finding Mastery

Michael Gervais

10% Happier Podcast

Dan Harris

Slow Productivity

Cal Newport

Think Again

Adam Grant


Charles Duhigg

Change By Design

Tim Brown

No Hard Feelings

Liz Foslien & Mollie West Duffy

IDEO U Podcast

& Blog

Workboard's OKR Podcast

Breathe In, Breathe Out 

Stuart Sandeman

Value Proposition



Dare to Lead

Brene Brown


Alex Soojung-Kim Pang

Resources That Influence My Work

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