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Our Partnership

 After gaining an understanding of your current challenges and the outcomes you hope to gain from our partnership, you will receive a customized plan that outlines the actions we will take, the value each action will provide to you and your business, and the result you will experience from working with me. From there we align on the timeline, investment, and stakeholder involvement. 


 Each partnership begins with a diagnosis so I can immerse myself in your business as I begin providing solutions. I hold you accountable for achieving your desired outcomes, adjust our plan as your needs shift, and ensure that we are making tangible progress . To see a sample of the resources that I use with clients, download the digital toolkits to begin taking action now!


Let's Make Progress Together!
Your customized plan can include components of any of these 6 options based on what will help you overcome your challenges


Continuous Strategy Iteration

Shift from arduous and expensive annual strategic planning meetings to a "living" approach to goals

This is for you if:

  • You are a Business Owner or Team Leader that wants to actually achieve your strategic goals.

  • You want to accomplish the important work that has been gnawing at you for months.

  • You have trouble prioritizing your team's work, and experience burn out from constantly "fighting fires".

Business Value Stimulator

Identify the holistic value of your business and take action to attract customer, boost revenue, and increase satisfaction

This is for you if:

  • You are a Founder or Business Owner looking to grow a successful business

  • You desire a partner to hold you accountable to achieve your ambitious goals.
  • You are looking for a framework to evolve your business while providing flexibility to make adjustments as you learn.

Change Navigation

Learn how to successfully sustain changes in your business so you realize your desired outcomes

This is for you if:

  • Your team is experiencing a leadership change, new process implementation, introducing a new product, or revamping your organizational structure.

  • You desire to create long term adoption in order to sustain your change.

  • You care about the people impacted by the change and want to help them be successful in the new environment 

Team Development

Elevate your team's performance, organizational culture, and foster true collaboration

This is for you if:

  • You want to translate your stated cultural values into a lived experience for your employees

  • Your team will benefit from building practical skills to help them work more cohesively together.

  • You want to increase the trust, innovation, and engagement on your team through a shared learning journey.

*contact me for a sampling of workshop topics that can be custom built for your team


Toolkit Build

Develop a new process, program, or resource to help you accomplish your strategic goals

This is for you if:

  • You want an expert to help you build proactive people practices. Examples include programs such as succession planning, performance management, new leader assimilation, and talent reviews.

  • You do not have the time, knowledge or capacity to develop and implement the new people programs to help your organization thrive.

  • You desire to work with an expert that can both build a program and upskill your team to sustain this program long term.

*contact me to learn about all of the People Programs we can build

Design Thinking Facilitation

Overcome your largest challenges through stakeholder engagement and innovation

This is for you if:

  • You are looking for a creative way to boost your revenue or customer satisfaction.

  • Want to develop solutions that actually meet your customers' needs.

  • Care about the thoughts, emotions, and behaviors of the people that your business impacts. 

Our work together will enable you to...

Focus and Prioritize

  • Understand how to leverage your personal strengths

  • Experience how simple mindfulness practices improve your focus and energy

  • Take more risks once you notice and overcome limiting beliefs

Lead With Compassion

  • Resolve conflict with ease and curiosity by utilizing compassion practices

  • Improve your communication skills using mindfulness techniques

  • Navigate and sustain large organizational changes with ease

Activate Your Vision

  • Align your team around an actionable and inspirational strategy 

  • See tangible progress towards achieving your goals by holding each other accountable and continuously iterating

  • Determine your greatest priorities based on customer needs and form a strategy to solve for untapped needs



Continuously Innovate

  • Improve your current offerings and solve your largest business challenges 

  • Evaluate your current products and services and determine their future based on data

  • Create or renew your operating model and value proposition


What Clients Say

"Kaitlin’s Authenticity in the work she provides shines through in her content. Her emphasis on self compassion sets her program aside from other programs and is a welcomed perspective for business growth."

Anne, Independent Consultant

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