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Consulting Services

Our partnership is based on 4 core modules that are designed to evolve multiple aspects of your organization.  After gaining an understanding of your current challenges, you will receive a customized plan that contains components of each of the 4 modules described below. From there we align on a timeline and recommended solutions and get to work!


 Explore each topic below or read the posted blogs and download the digital toolkits for each module to make subtle shifts before beginning our partnership!

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Focus And Prioritize

Increase self awareness and learn mindfulness techniques to align you towards success


  • Understand how to leverage your personal strengths

  • Experience how simple mindfulness practices improve your focus and energy

  • Take more risks once you notice and overcome limiting beliefs

Passion Core
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Lead With Compassion

Navigate communication, change, and conflict with a growth mindset 


  • Resolve conflict with ease and curiosity by utilizing compassion practices

  • Improve your communication skills using mindfulness techniques

  • Navigate and sustain large organizational changes with ease

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Activate Your Vision

Develop a business strategy to overcome your hurdles and hold your team accountable



  • Align your team around an actionable and inspirational strategy using OKRs (Objectives and Key Results)

  • See tangible progress towards achieving your goals by holding each other accountable and continuously iterating

  • Determine your greatest priorities based on customer needs and form a strategy to solve for untapped needs

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Continuously Innovate

Use design thinking to increase customer satisfaction and creativity


  • Use the 6 steps of design thinking to improve your current offerings and solve your largest business challenges 

  • Evaluate your current products and services and determine their future based on data

  • Create or renew your operating model and value proposition

Customizable Offerings
*Pricing determined based on client needs. Schedule a free exploratory call to learn more


Each partnership begins by surfacing pain points and understanding your desired outcomes. You receive customized recommendations and tools to work on your own or choose to partner with me for development and execution.

Tangible Progress

Using the recommendations in the diagnosis, we work together to create new processes, implement projects, and accomplish the highly important work that has been gnawing at you for months (or maybe even years).  

Grow Your Team

At the intersection of strategy and execution lies your people. In order to actually accomplish the strategic goals you set, your teams must have the knowledge and skills to sustain momentum. Through 1:1 coaching or team workshops, your team will elevate their performance collaboration, and drive.


Don't worry! You will not be left to fend for yourself after our initial partnership is complete. You are given the resources you need to continue to make progress on your own. We will establish accountability measures and new rituals that will maintain your momentum. And when you feel stuck or overwhelmed, I am here to help you!

What Clients Say

"Kaitlin’s Authenticity in the work she provides shines through in her content. Her emphasis on self compassion sets her program aside from other programs and is a welcomed perspective for business growth."

Anne, Independent Consultant

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