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Meet Kaitlin

Certified Design Thinking Facilitator, OKR Coach & Compassionate Leadership Expert

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My personal career journey has taught me that ambition can lead to burnout by setting unattainable goals and trying to satisfy everyone. It took me many years to learn that doing more and working harder does not always lead to success. After reaching a breaking point, I dedicated time to learning self-compassion, mindful communication, and empathic leadership skills that have truly shifted how I interact with myself and others and approach my work.


I then became determined to find a different solution for small businesses and nonprofit organizations that may be spread thin or have big ideas and visions without the bandwidth to execute on them.

I developed an approach to make mindfulness and compassion practices accessible for all type of business leaders by incorporating the basic concepts into critical business practices like strategic goal setting, product development, and leading a team.

Passion to Profit was created to help leaders like you develop and activate a strategy that allows you and your business to flourish long term. The work we do together will positively influence your life as a whole, while helping you grow your business, lead your team, and achieve your goals! 

My Practical Approach

I believe in a practical approach that provides clear and actionable steps for those I work with to make meaningful progress. Listening and learning about you and your business are integral to my process, enabling me to customize workshops and facilitate sessions that help you alleviate specific pain points for your organization or team.


My blend of experience in strategy creation and activation, organizational development, innovative problem-solving, and change management, empowers me to help you achieve your version of success while also increasing your emotional intelligence and fostering your team relationships.


My Certifications

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