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Passion To... Increased Funding - A New Service Model For Non-Profits

Executive Directors, Board Members, and Leadership Teams of Non profit organizations often feel torn and stretched thin due to limited budgets, capacity, resources, and time. Let's face it, being a leader in a non-profit organization can be very fulfilling and also exhausting!

The challenge is that these organizations can benefit tremendously from professional development for their team members, strategic planning expertise, and practical solutions for navigating change and growth, however they do not always have the money and time to pay prestigious consulting firms to facilitate full day or half day trainings or strategy planning sessions for their teams.

As a non-profit leader, do you find yourself...

  1. Having no time to focus on your strategic priorities because there is SO much day-to-day work to accomplish?

  2. Struggling to retain and motivate team members with a limited budget for pay increases and professional development?

  3. Desiring to make a bigger impact, while also fearing the mountain of work that comes with change? 😥

The answer to at least one of those questions is likely a resounding YES. If that is the case, please know that you are not alone AND there is a solution to these challenges!

Did you know that 45% of Passion To Profit Consulting's clients in the last year have been non-profit organizations? Yes, the name is slightly deceiving, however just replace "profit" with "increased funding" and the same concept still applies 😀

The reason that Passion To Profit Consulting was founded is because I do not believe that pursing your passion and making money has to be a choice. We can have BOTH, it just requires us to get a bit creative and scrappy!

And because this is core to how I operate, I do not want budget to be a blocker for non-profits who want to work with me. This is why, I continue to offer "A flexible pricing model" for nonprofit organizations. So, how does this work?

I provide customized services in these three areas:

  1. Team Development Workshops (contact me to learn about specific topics)

  2. Strategy Development Facilitation

  3. Change Navigation guidance and toolkits

Milwaukee is my home, and I have a deep passion for serving my local nonprofits in person. However, I can offer virtual services to non profits in other areas as well.

I curate the scope of the work based on YOUR budget, time and most importantly your greatest challenges. Whether you have $200 or $200,000 to spend on an external partnership, you can achieve your strategic goals, develop a thriving culture, and continue to serve the community by maximizing your team's potential! You may just need simple resources and an accountability partner to help you along the way.

If you are a non-profit leader or if you know someone who is, please reach out to me to learn how we can help you get "unstuck"!

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