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New Year, New ???

Updated: Jan 9

2024 is here, and the new year triggers goal setting for the year ahead. You may have seen the variety of marketing and social media posts around “New Year, New You!” or “Create your New Year’s Resolution”. That has always sounded daunting and unpractical to me because life has shown me time and time again that we cannot predict how the year ahead will turn out.

Rather than setting a New Year’s resolution or committing to output-based goals that you want to accomplish by Dec 31st, 2024...

What if you take a more mindful approach to what you want to accomplish this year?

If you feel frustrated by your current individual or team goal setting process, I encourage you to embrace the concept of continuous strategy iteration!

Continuous strategy iteration will allow you to…

  1. Develop a statement of intent (objective) for the year that can be accomplished in a variety of ways.

  2. Re-evaluate how you spend your time and money throughout the year based on your progress towards achieving your objective.

  3. Holistically evaluate success by using quantitative metrics (key results), being mindful of your feelings, and seeking perspectives of others

I practice what I teach to my clients by creating a set of objectives and key results (OKRs) for Passion To Profit Consulting. To show you what this looks like, here is an example of one of my OKRs for 2024:

I have seen this framework allow teams, entire organizations, and individuals accomplish their goals and create a high performing and engaging culture. The keys are exhibiting a growth mindset, establishing open lines of communication, and aligning everyone’s work to the OKRs.

It is a bit different than traditional goal setting because it involves a mindset shift and changes in process, and I can help you establish both in your organization to set you up for realizing sustainable success. Schedule a 15 min meeting to discover how I can help you shift from annual strategic plan to continuous strategy iteration this year!

Finally, for this week's practical mindfulness tip, I encourage you to try intentional pausing:

  • Set 1 calendar reminder for yourself each day to stop and reflect.

  • When the reminder goes off, pause for 60 seconds and attune to the present moment by noticing your surroundings, feelings your feet on the ground, or taking 3 deep belly breaths.

  • Set a simple intention for the remainder of your day.

This brief and simple practice can allow you to notice nonjudgmentally what is occurring in the present moment, which is mindfulness in a nutshell! You can do it in a meeting, while at your computer, or while completing physical work tasks.

Cheers to kicking off 2024 with a learning mindset!

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