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Welcome To The Mindful Strategyzer!

Updated: Nov 3, 2023

Welcome to the Passion To Profit blog: The Mindful Strategyzer. Going forward, the blog posts will provide inspiration and practical insights about a specific topic related to my 4 core modules that will leave you feeling curious and inspired. For those of you who enjoy exploring on your own, I’ll link relevant books, podcasts, and articles for deeper learning.

Lastly, I will share a simple mindfulness practice that you can apply in 5 minutes or less to increase your focus and presence in the midst of a chaotic work day. For this month, I will introduce ocean breathing…

  1. Lie down or sit comfortably and place a hand on your belly. You can close your eyes if you feel safe to do so.

  2. As you breathe in slowly through your nose, feel your belly expand outwards, pressing into your hand.

  3. Feel the breath roll up from your deep belly through your rib cage and up to your chest, like a wave rolling to the shore.

  4. Breathe out slowly through your mouth and feel your chest and then your belly contract down against your spine as your hand moves inward. Imagine that your body is like the ocean with the tide moving back towards the sea.

  5. Repeat 3-4 more times (or as much as feels good in your body!)

This helps to activate your parasympathetic nervous system and regulate your emotions. It is a great practice right before an important meeting or presentation or after a discussion that has left you feeling frustrated or tense.

You are welcome to schedule an exploratory call or email me at with questions or feedback on my blog, workshops, or any of my offerings!

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Anne Ballentine
Anne Ballentine
06 nov 2023

It's great that you bring work life and self-care and mindfulness together. If we only practice breathing and mindfulness after business hours, we miss the chance to alleviate stress in the moment. I used to hold my breath when tense or stressed at work and literally put a post it note on my computer to remind me to BREATHE. Taking time out for a little ocean breathing is time well spent. Thanks for your work!

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